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Company profile

Teak Holz International AG, (THI AG), an Austrian stock listed company, specialises in responsible teak plantation management in Costa Rica. The THI-group offers it's forestry know-how to third party business partners and trades teak logs internationally.

Teak Holz International AG concentrates on finding and afforesting land suitable for the production of the valueable wood teak (plantation development), the maintenance and cultivation of the teak plantations (operations) and the marketing of teak logs. 

In addition to the international trade of teak timber, Teak Holz International AG is offering its comprehensive plantation management know-how as service provider to other plantation owners.

The rotation time for a plantation (one tree generation period from planting to harvest) takes between fifteen and twenty years. During this duration multiple thinnings (chopping down single trees for cultivation reasons) will be realized. Our competitive advantage shows in the combination of suitable cultivation conditions in Costa Rica with European forestry know-how we have been optimizing for approx. 15 years in Costa Rica. 

The state-of-the-art tree nursery knowledge and management skills were developed in research & development projects. These scientific methods are uniquely applied in Costa Rican plantations.

Our commercial activity combined with social and ecological responsibility provides Teak Holz International AG with insights and opportunities for growth. THI AG is a fair employer for its Costa Rican workers.

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