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Company story

The exotic raw material teak is one of the most interesting forestry raw materials on earth. The timber that has been felled in the jungle of Asia in the past will not be available in the future, while the teak that is available will be subject to a ban on exploitation. The excellent characteristics of this oily wood are appreciated particularly in Asia, and are also popular in America and Europe.

Teak’s resistance to weathering, extremely low shrinkage, particular hardness and beauty are highly appreciated in India, Europe and America.

It is a whim of nature that this valuable raw material can achieve excellent growth under intensive cultivation conditions in regions outside Southern and Eastern Asia.

Teak Holz International AG owns over 1,934 hectares of teak and is planning to increase the total area step-by-step.

Teak Holz International AG is a management and financial holding company. It controls the subsidiaries of the THI Group, which are made up of the operative companies and the ownership companies (i.e. the plantations).

The organisational structure of Teak Holz International AG ensures that state-of-the-art European forestry know-how is transferred to Central America, at the same time consolidating entrepreneurship in the country. The focus is on both securing raw material resources and in the implementation of state-of-the-art company management.

The decisive factors for the success of Teak Holz International AG are both the increase in value creation and the development of modern and efficient marketing structures. Global marketing is in the hands of Teak Holz Handels- und Verarbeitungs GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of THI.

Commercial activity and social and ecological responsibility are not a contradiction, and instead open up new insights and opportunities for growth for Teak Holz International AG. The company is a fair employer for its Costa Rican workers and applies ecological principles.

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