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Development of a plantation

Teak Holz International AG is involved in obtaining suitable teak plantations in Costa Rica by afforestation of fallow pasture land and by purchasing rights to existing plantations (plantation development). It also operates the plantations, which involves maintenance and cultivation, interventions and the harvesting of the raw material.
Probably the most important criterion for selecting and assessing teak plantations is the choice of the location. As a matter of principle, teak can only grow in the area around the equator, between the 10° N and 10° S parallels, and if the plants are to flourish, they must have a changing humid climate, rich soils and preferably volcanic earth. The tropical tree grows at altitudes of between 100 m and 600 m.

Costa Rica can provide these conditions, but the microclimate zones of the country differ considerably amongst themselves. Teak tree growth therefore varies considerably depending on the microclimate in which they are planted.

The region (north of Parrita) where Teak Holz International AG’s plantations are located is regarded as one of the world’s best cultivation areas for plantation teak. This analysis has been confirmed by the experts at FONAFIFO (Environment and Energy Ministry National Fund for Financing Forestry) and by European forestry experts.

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