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Experts opinions

Recognised experts see the development of sustainable teak plantations on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in a highly positive light:

William Vásquez Carballo, MSc.
formerly head of Forest Seed Bank, Department of Nature Resources and Environment at CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Educational Center) in Turrialba, Costa Rica.

The CATIE national forestry seed bank only sells certificated teak seeds from tested farming to customers undertaking large-scale forestry operations. We pre-germinate the seeds and as soon as they attain the correct size, they are reared further in so-called „Jiffy-Pots“. After only eight to ten weeks the teak seedlings can be planted outdoors. Through our scientifically based quality system, we can ensure that a certain quantity of seeds will provide a guaranteed number of plants, which is of great importance to plantation owners.

Dr. Róger Moya Roque

Professor at the CIIBI Research Institute of the Technical Forestry College in Cartago, Costa Rica. The speciality of the Institute is wood technology, which deals mainly with the physical-mechanical properties of the various species of timber such as teak. 

We examine the timber with regard to its possible industrial use. This assessment involves the analysis of the resistance of the wood should for example it be used as flooring. In Costa Rica, our institute undertakes virtually all sampling of this type. Teak is internationally famous, because it possesses excellent characteristics with regard to durability. Accordingly, it is much in demand in the global market, especially in Europe and North America where teak is esteemed due to its regular structure and attractive appearance. Teak is extremely resistant even while growing and is largely immune to pests, which means that for natural reasons, insecticides are not required at all. Teak has long been planted in Costa Rica, as the tropical climate in our country favours rapid harvesting. Here, I am talking about a period of 15 – 20 years.

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