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Facts in brief

• Teak Holz International AG, (THI AG), domiciled in Vienna, (office in Linz), Austria, specializes in sustainable teak plantation management in Costa Rica.

• The THI-group offers it's forestry know-how to third party business partners and trades teak logs internationally.

• On March 28, 2007 THI AG undertook an IPO on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Since than, company shares (ISIN: AT0TEAKHOLZ8, WKN: AT0MMG7) have been traded in the Standard Market Continuous segment of the Wiener Börse AG (Vienna Stock Exchange) in regulated OTC dealings. TEAK-shares are also traded on the stock exanges in Germany.

• The "green" TEAK-shares are listed in the VONIX-Sustainability-Index since June 2009. THI and approx. 20 other austrian public companies comply with strict environmental and social creteria. The VONIX-membership is valid until 2014. 

• Biological assets (teak trees) were recognised according to the International Accounting Standard IAS 41. The value of the biological assets was reported as of September 30, 2013 with 97.7 million Euro in the consolidated financial statements.

• Facts and figures of fiscal year 2012/2013 are published (German edition) in Consolidated Financial Statements

• Number of group personnel (average): 60, of whom 8 were employed in Austria and approx. 50 in the plantations in Costa Rica.

• THI-plantations in Costa Rica cover an area of 1,934 hectares. 


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