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Forestry activity

Responsible forestry is characterised by social, ecological and commercial interests being given equal consideration and importance:

For the environment: Maintenance of species diversity, soil protection

For mankind:  Guaranteed far-reaching worker rights, training and further training, prohibition of child labour

For the economy: Efficient and sparing use of resources, conduct of forestry stock-taking, production of marketable timber

In order to secure a supply of select quality plantation teak from our plantations, the following fields must be arranged to meet the requirements of the teak plants in the best possible way:

  • Project development: Site, soil, climate and the preparation of the land such as infrastructure, soil quality,
  • logistics and sowing
  • Care of the plantations
  • Thinning of the plantation
  • Harvesting the plantation and provision of a tailor-made supply of goods (round timber and sawn timber)
  • Modern trading structures and in-company logistics
  • Professional logistics to the marketing channels

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