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Global teak market

Currently there are estimated to be 6 million hectares of teak plantations in the world; 5.5 million of these are in Asia (with 43 % in India, 31 % in Indonesia, 7 % in Thailand, 6 % in Myanmar, 3% in Bangladesh and 2 % on Sri Lanka); 5 % of the world’s teak plantation area is in Africa (0.3 million hectares), and 3 % in South America (0.2 million hectare).

Teak has been planted in South America since the beginning in of the 20th century, in Costa Rica since 1929. The raw material is produced in Costa Rica by local farmers and plantation owners applying extensive and intensive cultivation methods.

Demand is global, with the main purchasers coming from Asia, especially India, but also from Europe and America.

Teak is well and long known for its use in shipbuilding and the furniture industry. These are being joined by fields of application where the durability of the teak wood is needed, such as outdoor use like deckings, pool framings, facades and so on.

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