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A glance at the past reveals the variety and far-sightedness of our vision.

The first contact to Costa Rica lead back to the year 1995. Since 1998 an Austrian group of investors around the landscape gardener Klaus Hennerbichler from Freistadt and the investor Erwin Hoermann from Linz has been operating a number of teak plantations in the Central American country. The project began with 38 hectares of abandoned cattle pasture which were planted with teak seedlings. Further areas were bought in the following years.

After going public on Vienna Stock Exchange in March 2007 862 hectares were purchased and cultivated. Today 1,934 hectares of teak plantations are operated by THI. Within the coming years it is the company's intension to increase the plantation areas step by step.

Increase of total plantation areas and international teak log trade in order to consolidate our market position.
Investing in the cultivation of teak plantations is an interesting and innovative type of long-term investment. We concentrate on finding and afforesting, maintaining, cultivating intensively and the sale of premium teak world-wide.

While investments in most countries of Central and South America involve political and commercial risks, Costa Rica is the notable exception. Costa Rica, often referred to as the 'Switzerland of Central America', boasts an uninterrupted tradition of democracy since 1889 and stabil economic growth. 

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