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Investor-friendly climate

Many international companies have set up business activities in Costa Rica. It is an attractive location for business, and amongst other things offers:

  • Well-trained and productive personnel
  • An ideal strategic location at the point of contact between North and South America
  • Political, social and economic stability
  • Preferential access to strategic markets
  • A government open to foreign investors
  • A business infrastructure to international standards

Economic factors: Good production results since 1998 have led to a fall in unemployment to 5.6% (the lowest since 1995). This fall is also a consequence of the increased use of labour in the agricultural, industrial and service sectors, and to the fall in the number of people looking for a first job. Employment in the financial sector grew by the greatest percentage (15%). In 2005, Costa Rica’s 6.6% unemployment rate was the second lowest in Latin America and the Caribbean after Mexico with 3.6%.

Legal system: An expert opinion by an international Austrian law firm confirms that Costa Rica has a very similar legal and land register system (comparable to the systems in Austria and Germany). The law in Costa Rica derives from Spanish law and hence the Code Napoleon. The possibilities for obtaining security by means of the land register, such as mortgages, priority notices for disposals, registration of a prohibition on charging and disposal and so on correspond with the principles of our legal system.

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