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Quality assurance

Our customers expect high-quality teak. Quality is impossible without innovation and research.

Each year we invest substantial amounts in the quality of our resources (staff, product and production methods). For us, innovation and research mean the optimum care of our raw material and the maximisation of the yields from this raw material. For this reason, we have spent years on analysing the soil structures and the climatic zones, on caring for the soil, the growth cycle and the care of the teak plants, as well as on logistical processes and the fields of use for teak. Western tree nursery technology and the plantation development know-how combined with the local conditions (soils, climate, …) and the intensive cultivation system open up new opportunities for growth for THI AG.

The plantations are supervised throughout the entire growth period. The supervisory personnel is equipped with mobile telephones, computers, internet connections and the corresponding technical facilities in order to ensure the troublefree operation of the plantation and to be able to react rapidly in the event of an emergency. This means that in the event of an unexpected incident, assistance can be called upon rapidly and reliably, and responses can follow within a minimum of time.

The plantations are regularly checked by independent experts who draw up inventories and soil analyses, from which they draw their conclusions.

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