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Special features

Teak is one of the longest-known and most valuable timbers from Asia. Thanks to its high quality timber, teak is cultivated and harvested in many tropical countries around the world.

Thanks to its extraordinary endurance and high resistance to fungus, termites and chemicals, teak is a structural timber for special requirements that is appreciated around the world. As sawn timber for frame structures of all kinds, such as windows, garage doors and gates, staircases, parquet flooring, handrails, decorative casings; in shipbuilding for decks and superstructures, and in the chemicals industry for vats, extractors and washing towers; in small cuts for art objects, carvings, signs, household articles, spirit levels, decorative packaging and pedestal boards; its attractive and pleasant wood surface makes it ideal as a worked veneer for furniture, panels and all types of decorative design.

The excellent characteristics of teak are its very small shrinkage (only half of that of oak for instance), its extraordinary resistance to weathering and fungus (water repellent thanks to its natural oil content) and its preserving characteristics that prevent many metal fittings and fixtures from corroding.

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