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Responsible Forestry

In contrast to what is known as extensive cultivation, the plantations of Teak Holz International AG are cultivated intensively. This means the use of fertiliser adjusted to the soil conditions and to the needs of the plants using osmotic reservoirs, frequent pruning of the branches and in particular on-going mulching of the soil.

Intensive cultivation achieves substantial increases in yield as compared with extensive cultivation. Teak trees react astonishingly well to intensive care and optimised fertiliser use. Repeated professional pruning encourages the trunks to grow thicker, and ensure that the trunk is homogenous, round and free of knots. At the same time, almost identical mechanical characteristics as in slow-growth timber can be observed.

The plantation areas are lead responsible. The areas formerly were used as cattle pasture and fallow land, with the soil being exposed to natural water and wind erosion. Afforestation prevents this erosion and in addition creates new habitats for animals and plants.

Ecological and social standards are excellently combined with economic demands. These criteria are externally audited annually.

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