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Teak logs

We supply teak logs from our responsibly managed plantations in West Costa Rica, Pacific side. 

THI AG currently offers teak logs from thinnings of our own sustainable Costa Rican plantations. The teak logs are offered with different diameters. The lengths follow usual commercial dimensions. Of course individual customer requirements are taken into account as well.

Our teak logs are offered ex plantations or our personnel is shipping containers ex Costa Rican ports for you globally.

The international sales activities are handled by THI AG, based in Austria/EU, together with the THI-subsidiaries located in Costa Rica. Traders and wood processors are supplied with teak from our responsibly cultivated plantations in Costa Rica.

Contact our personnel: We speak English, Spanish and German. Also we have experience with customers all around the world. Send us an eMail directly to sales@teak-ag.com or use the contact form

Best wood quality: Teak is well and long known for its use in shipbuilding and the furniture industry. These are being joined by fields of application where the durability of the teak wood is needed, such as outdoor use like deckings, pool framings, facades and so on. Teak wood has long been known and in demand in the furniture industry and in shipbuilding. 

In addition, teakwood and teak products have also conquered other fields in the last decades. It is popular in many fields of application thanks to its low susceptibility to humidity and resulting weather resistance, such as outdoor applications and garden.

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