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VONIX Sustainability 2014-15

TEAK-share remains listed in the VONIX-Sustainability Index

During the period until June 2015, the shares of TEAK HOLZ INTERNATIONAL AG (ISIN: AT0TEAKHOLZ8) are further on listed in the VONIX (VBV Austrian Sustainability Index). The membership is an acknowledgment for the sustainable business model of THI and the companies CSR-activities.

The VONIX (ISIN: AT0000496906) is a capitalization-weighted price index that is composed of those Austrian stock listed companies, which are leaders as concerns social and environmental achievements. Once-a-year in May over 60 companies are audited concerning numerous environmental and social criteria.

THI and 21 other public companies comply with the approx. 100 strict criterias and are starting index members for the period until June 2015. Find details of the index and its composition on the website of the Vienna Stock Exchange:



VONIX Sustainability 2009-14

With effect from June 22, 2009 the shares of TEAK HOLZ INTERNATIONAL AG are listed in the VONIX (VBV Austrian Sustainability Index). 

Over 60 stock companies are audited annually in spring concerning environmental and social criteria. About 20 of these monitored enterprises become or stay index members for the period of one year.

The team of THI is delighted to be listed in the composition since June 2009. THI recognizes the membership as an acknowledgment for the achievements of the sustainable THI business model made within the past years. But it is also an explicit duty for the future years to improve constantly.

CSR: FIRST-AID-PROGRAM for plantation staff
An example for the companies corporate social responsibility activities, a comprehensive first-aid-training-program can be mentioned. In accordance with international Red-Cross-Standards the program was developed for all plantation workers. Trainings of this kind are rarely established by plantation employers. This social program initiated by THI can be considered as major achievement.

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